Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ALEX products for wood floors to clean furniture? Should I use a special rag or cloth?

Yes, you can. Just like for wood floors, the formula in all ALEX cleaning products for wood has been designed specifically to take care of delicate surfaces such as parquetry, floorboards, hardwood floors, furniture and other wood surfaces. To clean furniture all you need is a clean dry cloth.

What is the difference between ALEX Dust-Trap for Furniture and ALEX Furniture Cleaner?

ALEX Dust-Trap for Furniture makes cleaning easy and has a long-lasting effect; ALEX Furniture Cleaner cleans deeper and brings back the shine to your furniture.

What benefits does the serum in the ALEX furniture range offer?

The cosmetic ingredient, which contains three different natural wood extracts (red cedar, Arizona cypress and Amyris essential oil), revitalises and protects wood keeping your furniture as shiny as new.